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Hello, and welcome to Digital Art K’oves !  Here at Digital Art K’oves we try to help others dive deeper into their own creativity. We are dedicated to sharing the tools and education needed to succeed in bringing your creativity to life.

My own history with art

As a child I loved art.  I loved doodling and painting horses and unicorns.  As I got older I took more art classes to get me through the stresses of the required classes.  As a young adult I sadly got away from creating things on paper and moved to creating lives.

As a young mother, I enjoyed getting my children involved in art and being creative.  They have chosen different paths than myself in that regard, as one enjoys telling stories and another enjoys building.  Only one seems to have chosen to draw and paint as I did when I was his age.  I love seeing their personalities and individualism grown and expand.

Now, as my children are older, I have taken to learning computer art and have loved it very much. I moved around a lot and had to get rid of a lot of canvases and painting and drawing supplies throughout the years.  So, having everything on one box (my computer) has been WONDERFUL!

I love all the information out there that has helped me learn all of these programs and paint a better picture.

Why do I want to help others?

I want others to understand and know that they can make a difference in the world, in their respective jobs and families and lives through their art, no matter the age.

Art was always something that I needed in my life.  I didn’t think there was anything beyond high school art that would help me succeed through life because of the kind of education I received.  Now I know that art is important and can be worthwhile no matter your age.

Anyone can do art and anyone can enjoy it and be successful with it.


Digital Art K’oves goals

Here at Digital Art K’oves I want to share different ways to help others with their creativity and getting their art out in the world.

Being creative is beautiful!  Being creative helps the world be greater!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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  1. Wow! That’s beautiful. You really make a person wanna’ jump right into the art world an’ make sump’n amazing. After reading how much you wanna’ share an’ teach me, I feel as if I actually Could draw or paint what I see in the images of my mind. Cool.

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