Adobe Announces Real Photoshop release for iPad

Early last week Adobe announced at the news that they will be releasing Photoshop for the iPad. Sounds exciting? Read on and find out more!

“Real” Photoshop

Many of the legacy tools that came with Photoshop when it first came out in 1990 are extremely different from what customers expect today. Yet, Photoshop has been retaining some of these legacy tools over these last 28 years. Adobe has stressed that they will not be bringing in a weakened or bland version of Photoshop.

Photoshop’s Senior Production Manager Jenny Lyell states that, “We want to make sure that users look at this and they say, ‘this is Photoshop,’ but we also want to get rid of some of that history that barely anyone uses anymore so that it’s lighter weight and modern.

Lyell also prefers the term “real Photoshop” to “full Photoshop” as she is describing the software.

So, what this means is that the version will be released a little at a time, collecting user feedback as they release parts of the program to iPad. This way Adobe can ship the 1.0 version out quickly as they slowly release the rest over time.

“We’re not going to make up 28 years of work in a year. It’s going to start with the core tools that enable you to do real work,” Lyell said. “In terms of the development, we are going to be releasing more iterative and in a more agile way, in some sense, to catch up to desktop Photoshop.”

The Adobe team is working on a plan to sync up the Photoshop brushes that you already own on your desktop version with your iPad.



The new Adobe Photoshop for the iPad will be released sometime in 2019.

The initial features of the new iPad Adobe Real Photoshop will be:

  • The same files you use on your desktop will be shared with your iPad, with the same PSD files so you can edit right where you left off
  • Core iconic tools and layering system for advanced control upon opening up Real Photoshop
  • Filters, masking, adjustments and more will be at your fingertips as you open up Real Photoshop
  • Adapted for the touch device
  • Real Photoshop uses the same coding system as its desktop counterpart


Discover for yourself the great opportunity of using Real Photoshop on the iPad with this video released by Adobe.

And this video by the Verge




“With a pen and natural touch, you can take your imagination to entirely new places. All your assets — fonts, brushes, colours, Adobe Stock images, and more — are available in your Creative Cloud Libraries. Your Photoshop files are always in sync. Start on your desktop. Work from the road. Finish on your couch”

Adobe is working hard to make it possible for users to create without ever touching a desktop computer.


  1. Thanks for sharing this article on Adobe, I remember using the Adobe Photoshop back in the day on some of the first generation iPads but haven’t used them since. I do currently have a Samsung Tablet and am thinking of going to iPad as some of the apps and tools that come with it are top quality which includes Adobe.

    Just a quick question, do you know how much Adobe Photoshop will cost or will it come with the iPad when released?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Not sure how much the new Adobe Real Photoshop will cost or if it’s going to be included with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, yet.  But I will definitely keep you posted 🙂  My hope is that it’s going to be included with CC 🙂

  2. I’ve never used Photoshop…and on top of that I never thought of using Photoshop on my iPad.  But, wow, have you given me a lot to think about – glad to see a version is headed there.  I enjoyed your review and thanks for showing the videos that give a great idea of the creative power in PS.  Great article to get us all excited.

    Is there a release date set and a price point you have heard of?

    • Not that I’ve heard of yet.  All I’ve found out is sometime in 2019 Adobe will be releasing Photoshop for the iPad 🙂  As far as price goes, I’m not sure. 

  3. I really enjoyed the videos on Photoshop showing both the features and the limitations of the product. The best part of this is the fact that people won’t find themselves chained to there desktop any longer. It gives them a chance to step away and keep working while enjoying sitting with a cup of coffee in the park. With the iphones getting better with faster chips sets all the time, I was wondering if they plan on releasing more of a complete Photoshop for the phones as well?

    • Wouldn’t that be wonderful!?  So far, nothing is in the grapevine for the phones yet, but I’m hoping they do get it out there for them soon 🙂  That would be fantastic!

  4. Oh this looks great, the Photoshop for iPad.  I am so excited to have found this article.  I absolutely love that I can share the photos back and forth between my desktop at work and my iPad at home.  That is amazing, and probably one of the main reasons I’m going to go for it.  I also love that it’s adapted for the touch.  Great.  Thanks for this great info – I really appreciate it.

    • You’re very welcome!  I’m really excited for being able to share between my desktop and an iPad.  That’s really exciting!  I get tired of sitting at the desk all day 🙂

      Thank you so much for visiting!

  5. Wow, this is really cool especially for all those budding artists/illustrators/ designers out there. My niece is getting into photography and drawing right now and I’m sure she’ll benefit from using this. However, the video mentions that it doesn’t have a timeline feature as yet, which could be frustrating for some. Do you know whether this feature will be in the first release? 

    • That is frustrating, and the only thing I found about when it would be released was sometime in 2019.  I’m not sure if they will release that information with the first release, but I hope they do 🙂

  6. Excellent article, I own an iPad myself and this looks like the next big jump for iPad!  I look forward to learning more, and as launch time approaches I’ll be watching your site for more info.  I do most of my work on a MacBook Pro, so this could allow me to do more with the Ipad.  Thanks for the info!


  7. After reading your previous article about the updates to Photoshop CC, I had to check out this article, too, as I use my iPad almost exclusively when I am at home. I think Photoshop for the iPad will be a great thing because not only will the photos that I take with my iPhone go directly to my iPad, but I will be able to edit them on my iPad and use them on the websites that I design! 

    One question I do have is this: will the version for the iPad be able to “open” photos that may have modifications made to them that the Real Photoshop doesn’t have yet?

    Thanks again! I am so excited about this! Your posts have really made my day today!

    • You know, from my understanding, it will.  I understand that Adobe will be releasing features a little bit at a time, so right from the get-go you won’t have everything to work with all at once on the iPad.  But, I think you will still be able to open your projects up right away 🙂

      I’m so glad you visited today 🙂

  8. Although I am a hardcore desktop PC user at my core, I cannot deny how far tablets have come. The only logical transition would be for Adobe to begin to move into this market and make their software work on an iPad. The part that is fascinating is how intuitive the user interface is and how easy it looks to use. I think this is something I should really share with my graphic designer friends!

    • Oh, definitely!  I too, really like working on my desktop.  But, it will be nice to take everything from the desktop and still work on the couch with a tablet 🙂

      Thank you!

  9. Thank You for providing me with an update on the new and improved version of Photoshop. I did mot know there was a Photoshop coming out for the Ipad. To be able to use a touchscreen version is going to be really helpful. It was very interesting to watch the video of the product in action. Yhank you so much for the information,

  10. Hi Kelly,

    We have occasion to use photoshop in my engineering practice every now and then to touch up digital images of design we create.  I do like the idea of being able use photoshop out in the field (or in a clients office) but I also look back on the adobe products from 10 years ago and admire the simplicity of being able to use them.

    Remember when you could buy a disk and install the software then use it without answering a million questions about who you are, what your preferences are and permanently linking the software to an android or apple account.  At work we are starting to see a trend of people using ios apps or android apps for commercial type of use.  We really struggle when trying to use these apps at work because everyone wants to use their individual google or apple account and by the interface of multiple users, multiple accounts on multiple devices and shared software becomes time consuming and confusing for those of us who are older than about 25 yo.

    cheers anyway,  hopefully touchscreen interface is intuitive enough for everyone to use.

    • That’s so true!  I miss those times with the disk installation and how simple it was.  I haven’t actually used those for a while with a lot of things, because of the ios or Android issue.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it was all just ONE thing???  I am hoping, as you are, that touchscreen interface is intuitive enough for everyone to use 🙂

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  11. I watched the videos and the new Photo Shop looks like a really awesome tool to edit photos.  I usually find photos online to use, but with photo shop I can take my own photos and create some cool pictures .  That is some cool stuff.  I can’t wait for it to be available so I can start having fun with my photos.



  12. I am excited about the release of real photoshop.  I think it is a good idea that Adobe is releasing it a little bit at a time. That way they can get  any feedback from users to work out any issues if there are any.  I find myself on my iPad alot more than my desktop, simply because I want to be sitting on my couch.  To me this is great news and can’t wait for the release.  Thanks for the info.

    • Oh, I know!  This is really is 🙂 Being able to sit on my couch is much nicer than at the desk.  I’m going to love that feature 🙂 

  13. thats is cool. The need for a computer becomes lesser now. I guess it can be competitive for this market. Buy a laptop or buy an iPad ? iPad is a lot lighter and can perform Photoshop, super value! I will surely buy an iPad . There is not much that I do with a computer these days.

    • I know what you mean!  I’m thinking I’m going to be buying an iPad now. I love the idea of being able to work with Photoshop on the go and with something that is lighter than a laptop!  I love that 🙂

  14. Wow this is a really exciting news, I always loved photoshop for me personally is the best program for the design, others programs can compare but never beat photoshop. I’m so glad they think about making a program for the iPad, it’ll be so much comfortable to use it, and another thing I like is that they will take off the features that are obsolete these days and that will improve the program itself. I’m so excited and waiting for the program to be released 🙂 

    • I totally agree!  Photoshop is my go-to program for most things.  And having it on the iPad is wonderful 🙂 This is so exciting! 

  15. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

    This definitely great new, having a full Photoshop tool on a mobile device could definitely come in handy… Working on projects on a tablet, not having to take along a laptop which even though they are mobile it can still be bulky to take along and a tablet will be a great mobile photo manipulation lab on the go.

    My only issues is I don’t have an iPad, does Adobe offer an android version?

    • I agree!  It is very exciting and it will help with the mobile work much more 🙂  

      Adobe doesn’t have a full version of Photoshop yet.  I am also hoping for a version for that, as well, because I don’t have an iPad either 🙂

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