Adobe Fresco Has Been Released

Adobe has just released their new program fit for Apple users! I’m rather excited as it builds on the Apple IPad and gets more movement and mobility into your workflow.

Adobe Fresco is a digital painting and drawing app that works alongside Adobe Photoshop.

What Can You Do With Adobe Fresco?

Paint and draw with Adobe Fresco. Build on top of paint with paint strokes to give it a 3d look and make it look like real thick oil paint.

Watercolor with Adobe Fresco.

And take it anywhere with you. It’s your portable canvas. Be creative wherever you go.

Adobe Fresco is free!

The only downside I see is that it’s only made for Apple users. Sorry PC users. That includes me, too. I will just have to run out and get myself an Apple IPad to enjoy the full effect of Adobe Fresco.

Want to learn more about Adobe Fresco? Enjoy the videos!


Want to get your free copy of Adobe Fresco? Come on over to


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