Adobe Photoshop’s New and Enhanced Features

The October 15, 2018 release of Adobe Photoshop has introduced some exciting new features for Photoshop. These new features will make creations speedier and much more efficient! Keep reading to find out which features are new and enhanced.

Note: The 32-bit version of Windows is no longer supported with the October release of Photoshop CC.

Multiple Undo Mode

This is a dream come true for someone like me who undoes a lot of things at once. It used to be that you could undo one thing with the Ctrl + Z keys (Windows) or Command + Z keys (Mac) and then, to take further steps back in your project you would have to press the Ctrl + Alt + Z keys (Windows) or Option + Command + Z keys (Mac).

Adobe has given its users and given them the simple multiple undo mode using just Ctrl + Z (Windows)or Command + Z (Mac). How exciting! So, for people like me who don’t like pressing three different keys at the same time, now I’m able to use the same two keys that I use across many art programs. It’s much easier to use!

The Edit menu displays the following commands:

  • Undo: Press Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Mac) to step back one step in the undo chain. Continue to press those two keys as you undo to the point you want in your chain.
  • Redo: Press Shift + Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Shift + Command + Z (Mac). This will take you one step forward in your history chain.
  • Toggle Last State: This works the same as the legacy undo mode. Press Control + Alt + Z (Windows) or Command + Option + Z (Mac)

Live Blend Mode

When you open up the Blend Mode drop-down window you will be able to scroll over top of them to see how they look on your image in live preview without having to click on the blend mode itself.

Content Aware Fill

With the Adobe Sensei technology you can now choose which source pixels to use and rotate, scale and mirror. With this new Content Aware Fill you are able to preview your changes in full resolution. You also have the option to save this in a new layer.


The Frame Tool for Masking

Frame parts of your image you are masking instead of painting in the mask! Press K to select the Frame Tool. This will create an elliptical or rectangular placeholder frames. Any shape or text can also be used as placeholder frames.

Symmetry Mode

Finally! Adobe Photoshop now has symmetry mode! Go to the butterfly icon in your Options bar and right click it. A drop down window will give you options of what kind of symmetry you would like to use.

Created with symmetry in Photoshop by Kelly’O Smith

You need to select a painting brush first and from there you will see the butterfly icon above. That will give you multiple options of how you would like to create your symmetry. Creating with radial and mandala will give you the option of how many sections you want to create with. After you select that, you can adjust the size of your symmetry before you get started.

Color Wheel

You now have the option to use a color wheel when selecting colors. The option to use the color wheel is accessed through the Color Panel’s fly-out menu.

Home Icone

Click the Home icon to access the Home screen at any time while you work. The Home icon is located at the top left of your screen in your Options Bar.


The Excitement for the New Features

Watch this video that will share in much greater detail what these great new Photoshop features are:

There are some really great new features that Adobe has given us for Photoshop. With every single one that I read about I was more and more excited to see it, realizing that these were things I wished Photoshop possessed anyway. As you can see, I’ve already tried out at least one of these new features so far and I love it! I can’t wait to get to using the rest of the new features!

Have you been able to try them out? Are these features things that will help you out in your creations? I would love to hear about how they have helped you, or what you are excited to start using!


  1. Adobe Photoshop is such an incredible software. The new updates are awesome and will make Photoshop better and deliver good results. I like designing with Photoshop and would really like to see posts like this. Its a tool no designer can bring complaints about. I use it most of the time, now that i have read about the updates, i will go check them out. Thank you very much.

  2. I am considering for quite some time to get a real good Photoshop program but wasn’t so sure for which one I should go for. 

    I do appreciate the videos you also have provided in your article because it makes everything much more clearer to me since I am a more visual person and need to see things at first so I can implement them.

    Adobe Photoshop seems to be a real awesome program will certainly try it out.

    • Great!  I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to try Photoshop out!  Adobe has a few different options depending on your interests 🙂 

      Thank you so much for visiting!

  3. My first thought was uh-uh, when I saw the note that the 32 bits windows no longer supports the new release of photoshop. They’re coming for the 64 bits next.

    I have mixed feelings about adobe photoshop. I can’t deny that many wonderful things are achieved with it, and with these new features it’ll just be super wonderful, but I tried using it once, let’s just say things didn’t really go so well. I found it too technical to use, and I couldn’t really undo some mistakes, so I had to start designs all over from the beginning, or maybe it was just too advanced for the simple designs I wanted to create. In the end, I found alternative softwares that can design what I want without being too technical.

    Maybe someday I’ll be able to figure out how to properly use photoshop.

    • I actually went through that same ordeal when I first started using Photoshop 🙂  It was so frustrating, but I really wanted to learn how to use it, and with the improvements that have been taking place with the program the last few times, it’s been getting easier to use 🙂 

      And, actually, for the undoing, there is a history panel that you can look at and target the exact thing you want to undo as well.  By default, when you select that target,  the targets below it are dimmed. This way you can easily see which changes will be discarded if you continue working from the selected state.  That’s a really nice and helpful feature.  The history panel, by default, only shows up to 20 states, but you can change that number by going to Preferences>Performance 🙂  

      Hopefully, that will help you get back into it??

      Thanks so much for visiting 🙂

  4. Its great to hear all the new features in the new adobe, so thanks for taking me through everything you need to know about the new version. 

    If I am correct this version is now currently available as of last week so I will have to go check it out and try it on the family iPad. I do enjoy Adobe as being a very creative person myself I do find many uses to these kind of apps that can benefit me.

    Thanks again for sharing,


    • You’re welcome!  Thanks so much for visiting!  Yes, the new features were released last week.  I know that on my computer I now have two versions of Adobe Photoshop CC – one is Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 and this new one is Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.  Make sure you use the 2019 version when you’re looking for the new features 🙂

  5. Hi again,

    I love all the new features from Adobe Ps! I watched the videos you embededhere, and I really like how easy is to use Content Aware Fill and the imagelooks smooth after that.

    Also this blend mode is so great, I think that designers and artists will beespecially happy with this. Of course, other features are also cool andimportant. Thanks for the post, I’ll show it to all my friends that use Ps.



    • Wow!  Thank you so much for sharing 🙂  Yes, I’m so excited for these new features 🙂

      Thanks so much for visiting!

  6. What a really great and informative article. I do not use photoshop very often but knowing about these new features it make me want to give photoshop another look. I think I’ve always been intimidated by photoshop. Your article gives me the courage to try again thanks and keep up the good work

    • Thank you so much for that great compliment!  Yes, definitely, give Photoshop another go!  It’s really fun once you start to use it more 🙂  Thank you 🙂

  7. Kelly, isn’t it great for a long existing product to continually be improved and upgraded? I know it is obvious to us as users but it is surprising how many software products either aren’t upgraded enough or when they are they aren’t relevant for the users. This is clearly not the case for Adobe. I sounds to me like they have listened or at least have a good understanding of their users with the inclusion of such features as you have described Multiple Undo Mode, Color Wheel etc. I am certainly sharing this post with a colleague that uses Photoshop regularly. I am very much a novice user and prefer to refer to my much more experienced colleague to adapt images. I’m sure she will be delighted with your summary of the new and enhanced features.

    • Thank you so much!  You are so right about other software products not being upgraded enough sometimes.  Adobe really does have a good listening ear or understanding of what their users want.  Thank you so much for sharing this and visiting!

  8. I need to get better at using Photoshop because some of these tools are simply amazing. My brother uses Photoshop for his artwork and that symmetry tool seems like it can be extremely useful for artists once you get used to it. The revamped content-aware fill also sounds like a nicely streamlined function. Watching people using these features in the tutorials for this update is just astounding. They make it look so easy!

    • I agree!  These tools will be so useful for artists and designers.  I love seeing how others use these tools 🙂

      Thanks so much for visiting!

  9. I use Photoshop CC at work nearly every day. I work for a newspaper and we use it for our photos. I just updated to the newest version and have yet to explore all the features.

    The multiple undo sounds great. I didn’t know there was a three key way to go back more than once! I could have saved a lot of time because if I messed something up I always went to “revert.”

    I don’t have a need to use a lot of the features in Photoshop since our news photos can’t really be edited to change the “meaning” of the photo, but I am thinking that our art and design department will truly benefit. I will be sharing your post with our lead designer tomorrow.

    The symmetry tool looks like it would be a fun one to experiment with (not on a news photo, but perhaps for a website design which I also do for the newspaper where I work).

    What is your favorite new feature of Photoshop? I love the tried and true ones and it looks like they have come up with some really neat and useful new ones!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, I love the symmetry!  I think that’s going to be fun, just because… 🙂  But, I think the other tools are really great and will really make designing much more efficient for users!  I’m so glad that Adobe has brought out these new features for us!

      Thank you so much for visiting!

  10. I do not use Photoshop. I wish I could, but I just do not have the time to dedicate to learning how to use it.

    I do however admire those who can Photoshop as though they were using a pencil and eraser. I am literally fascinated by how quickly the pen moves across the screen making lines, adding color and shading and…

    My oldest daughter is in the process of finishing a course in Concept Art. She is learning to master Photoshop. I often watch her as she works, and am proud at how far she has come in the last few months.

    I sent her a link to this article. I’m sure she too will be thrilled to find out about some of these new features.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  11. The one big hurdle I’ve experienced with starting a website is learning the subtleties of creating good, high quality photos. This basically means that you WILL need to be good at Photoshop. I really like this post for giving me more options to use during my image creation phase. The content-aware fill is a really neat addition to the toolbox and one that I will definitely have to look into. Adobe does a really good job with adding options for their users. Great post!

  12. Hi there,

    Thank you for posting such an informative post on Adobe Photoshop.

    I did try to learn Photoshop last year when I was looking at designing Tshirt campaigns on websites like Teespring and Teechip.

    I will save your site and come back to it for future reference 🙂

    I wish you all the best


  13. Hi friend,

    Thanks for sharing these new and enhanced  features of Adobe Photoshop. I can see your enthusiasm and joy in sharing these new features. I also love creativity and I know that these enhanced feature in the New Photoshop CC will benefits all who use Adobe Photoshop.

    I especially like the fact that you can undo and redo a lot of things all at once whenever you feel there is a mistake somewhere. Having this new features included will even make creativity easier with the  Adobe software.

     I also love all the other features you mentioned, including the color selection. I can’t wait to explore them myself.

    Once again thank you for sharing with us.

    My best wishes,


    • You’re so welcome and thank you! Yes, I agree, being able to undo and redo multiple things at once is such a nice feature that I’ve missed with Photoshop but have been able to use with other programs.  I’m so glad that Adobe has included it with Photoshop now 🙂

  14. This is great news for Adobe Photoshop users. 

    I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 but I am not aware of these recent changes. I use the most recent version of Windows, so could it be that I’ve not yet received a notification to update the software?

    I’m not yet a pro, but I imagine these features would definitely improve the use of the software. 

    • It is a really exciting thing and I agree that it will definitely improve the use of the software.

      Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a one-time purchase software as compared to the Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud), which is subscription based and receives updates as they come in.  From what I could tell, the last update that CS6 received was back in February 2017.  I’m hoping that Adobe will give over some of these great updates for CS6 soon, as well, because they will greatly improve the workflow of projects in Photoshop 🙂  But, I would keep checking to see if the update is available to CS6 🙂

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