Getting Started in Digital Art

Digital Art is a process in which to create artwork through digital technology.

Why I started with Digital Art

There are so many ways a person can be creative nowadays through digital technology.

Growing up, I had pencil, paints, paper and pottery.  I loved working with these things.  The smells of each aroused my senses and creativity.  I could grab a pencil and paper at any time and work get whatever I was thinking of out of my head and onto a live piece of canvas.

After I got married though, I married into the military.  We moved around alot.  Sometimes, those pieces of artwork had to be left behind, never to be seen again.  Sometimes, they broke in the moves.  Or any number of other things might have happened.

With the disappointments of moving, I looked around for another media for creating art.
My ex-husband was an avid video gamer.  He got himself a new computer every year and a new game or two every month.  I watched him game.  I enjoyed the stories that were being told inside the games.  I started paying attention to the art that gaming was.  I noticed the backgrounds: the buildings, the props.  I loved the way the characters were animated. I picked out my first game to play.  Everquest!

So, there I was playing my first game and not understanding alot of what was supposed to be happening.  But, I learned after a while, how to play, and how to level and WHY you level.

After beginning to enjoy gaming more, I found a digital arts website that sold 3d digital models.  DAZ Studio.  After playing around with that quite a bit, I got really involved in digital arts and found so many more ways of expressing my creative self digitally.  I found the medium I was looking for that would work with being married to the military.

And that’s how my love affair of digital arts came to be.

The benefits of Digital Art

There are so many benefits of digital technology and digital art.  Using a computer to create your work is definitily a lot cleaner.  There’s not quite the mess to clean up.  Let’s face it, when you’re painting, you’ve got brushes to clean, spilled paint to wipe up and so on.  You, yourself, can get covered in paint or clay or charcoal when not doing things digitally.  Don’t misunderstand me, though.  I actually really love getting all of that stuff on me as I’m creating new things.  It’s like a badge of honor at the end of the day to prove to myself just how much I enjoyed it.

But, it’s also kind of nice to be able to get into the creative process by doing things digitally and keeping things clean as a whistle.

You can store your art on a smallish hard drive which can save thousands of pieces of your artwork.  Without it, and saving things the other way, it takes up quite a bit more space.

Your artwork can be replicated with precision.  It really is what you see is what you get with digital art.  Any copy of  a piece of digital art is a clone and not just a copy.  The copy along with the original piece are identical.

There are so many colors to choose from as well.  It is limitless.  And, as an artist, you may never use all of the colors, but you have quite the range to choose from.

The programs that there are now help us to sculpt in a very similar way that a sculptor would.  Or paint in a way that a painter would.  We have pressure sensitive styluses that help us feel as if we are really using a paint brush.    We can zoom in or out on a piece of work without being all Sherlock Holmes about it and needing a magnifying glass, or having to step away to view it from a distance.

There are so many advantages to creating something with the real paints and clay and such, but there are also so many advantages to creating digital art on a computer.

Digital Art tutorials

If you are wanting to start creating digital art, a great place to look is searching for digital art tutorials.  These tutorials will give you great insights on what programs to start with as well or which brushes to use and so on.  Here are a few websites and blogs to get yourself started with the digital art tutorials: – They created their website to bring industry -proven professional digital art techniques to the masses. – They have a wide array of subjects within the digital arts including: animation and vfx, photography, illustration and art and so on.  It’s a really great site to help you out from beginning to expert. – another great site for finding tutorials on how to use Adobe Photoshop. – Here you will find a lot of great information to help you get started with the many different programs Adobe has to offer the digital arts community.

Create Digital Art

So what programs and software is the best for creating digital art?

Actually, that answer is all up to you.  What do you like to do?  Do you like to paint? There are a few painting programs out there just for that.  There’s Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.  There’s the free software Gimp.

Or do you see yourself more of a sculpter?  Pixologic Zbrush is great for the organic 3d sculpting venue.  Just want to try it out first?  Try Pixologics free Scultptris.  You can see if you like that.

Do you like making little props or architecture?  Try out the free program of Blender.  Want to try something else?  Try Autodesk Maya or 3DS Max.

Those are only a few programs.  There are so many more.  But, my hope is that I have helped you get your start in deciding what you would like to start with as you begin your journey into the digital arts.

Start Your Digital Art Journey

Now that you have some information about digital art, get out there and find out what you want to do with it.  Enjoy it! Make the world beautiful with your creativity!

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  1. Oh! I wanna’ do it Aaaaallllll. So many choices. I can see myself with my smock an’ virtual paints… my first little statuette next to me… enjoying the smell of virtual paint an’ clay. We can DO THIS! Tell me MORE! I am SO ready to learn. Thank you!

    ~ Yaya

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