Learning Effectively

How do you learn something quickly and effectively? This is the subject that we will be going through in this lesson. It doesn’t matter what you are learning – if you are learning Blender, Photoshop or welding. This is what you need to do in order to learn efficiently and effectively.


Equal Parts


When you are learning something new and you want to get good at it, you are going to need equal parts of creativity and technical expertise. Maybe some things don’t need a lot of creativity. With welding, you may be given a pattern that you follow and the boss wouldn’t like it if you put your own portion of creativity into it. But, if you are on your own, this is really good for you.
Sometimes it is difficult to get a little bit of creativity. So, while you’re working with being creative, get the practice in of the technical part. All three of the above things are great examples of putting in the technical experience to get the expertise so that you can express your creativity.
With Photoshop and Blender there are dozens of tutorials out there to help you gain experience with the programs and they tell you what to make. Also, when you have a question about one simple thing you can always go to YouTube to get the question answered.
I was able to also take a welding class a few years ago and that was fun. As I was taking it and I was getting better and better, I started seeing the artistic aspect of welding. I wanted to do more with that artistic part. And so I went to my son, who works with CAD more and asked him to design some stuff for me to make, sharing with him some explanations on what I wanted. I’ve been able to make a couple of things since then, but I mostly focus on my computer art.

Think Simply


I live in a farming community. My brothers are often complaining about how “simple minded” we all are. I think it’s funny. Because we get the jobs done. Things break down all the time. All that has to be done is to quickly rig something up that will help you get the job done better and sometimes more efficiently.
It usually doesn’t require a lot of thought. Usually, looking around to see what you’ve got and what you need to do is all that you need to make things work again.
I know a farmer who saves EVERYTHING! He knows how to build with wood and metal and has made his own life much easier because of it. He gets welding or hammering and pretty soon he’s got himself a barn to keep his calves warm and dry.
Think simply and you can achieve a ton.

Start On the Right Foot


When you first start a new program or skill don’t jump in to the deep end and expect grand results. Everything takes time.
When you first started to run, you had to learn to crawl and then walk first, right? As you are learning your new skill or program, start simply and start small. Start at the beginning.
We all learn a little at a time – line upon line. You take the ladder one step at a time. Same with the process of learning.
Learn it and practice it. Then you can move on to the next step.


Take 30 minute Breaks


As you are learning, it’s easy to get into something and not blink and get so comfortable because you are so into it.
But, step away once in a while, or LOOK away once in a while. Remember to blink. Remember to rest your mind.
Yes, it is easy to want to get far fast. And to finally understand something so well that you want to stick with it until you’re done.
But, don’t burn yourself out. By not blinking or getting up and walking around for a little bit, you are letting yourself get burned out fast. And then you won’t want anything to do with what you’ve wanted to do for so long.

Good Posture


Remember to keep your posture well. Sit up in your chair, and don’t lean over your desk. Do a little bit of yoga to help you with that. These will help you keep doing what you love for much longer.

Effective Working


So these are only some of the things that will help you achieve a more effective learning environment. Keep plugging away. It will come and you will get better at whatever it is that you are wanting to learn.

Have a great day!!

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