Resize Images in Photoshop

A great thing to learn in Photoshop in how to resize images. This is one of the first things that people who are just learning Photoshop learn. Even if they don’t know much, they quickly pick up on how to accomplish this one.

Let’s get started on how to resize an image in Photoshop.


Getting Started

Duplicate your image so that just in case you don’t like the result you can always go back and fix it.

Select Image>Image Size.

A dialogue box will pop up. image size photoshop

Inside the dialogue box and you will see that you can adjust the width and height. The original dimensions are up above as well as how much information the image takes up. The width and height are, by default, listed in pixels. You can change how you want to see that whether it’s in pixels, inches, centimeters, percent, millimeters, points, picas or columns.

Decide how much resolution you want for your picture.

Keep the resample checked. This will allow the total number of pixels to readjust proportionately. And you’ve got a drop-down menu for how you want to see the resample image. You can choose an interpolation method from this drop-down menu.


The Fit To menu can automatically fit your image to a preset as another alternative.


Once you’ve got the adjustments you want, click OK. And that’s it. Your image is resized.


Have fun!

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